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What is stopping you from hiring A Virtual Assistant

Last week week we did a poll on what is stopping you from hiring a Virtual Assistant?

56% replied "not sure what I could delegate''.

Every business is different and will have different needs, but we would like you to do this quick audit of your time as a start....

✔️ How much time am I spending a week on tasks that hinder my progression and waste my time?

✔️What are my most pressing issues / pain points?

✔️ Am I able to accomplish ALL of my daily To Do list items?

Then, visualize how would you feel about it:

💡 How would I utilize an additional 5-8 hours per week?

💡 How would my business benefit from it?

💡 How would I feel if I only worked on income generating tasks and released the more administrative projects to a virtual assistant?


A VA can help you with anything like general admin tasks, online research, presentations, contact & database management, translations etc... Get in touch now to regain some free time

Your SwiftVA

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